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Learn to Love Ourselves Before It’s Made Illegal May 30, 2012

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Warning Lyrics by Incubus

Living in a reality where the higher-ups can change the laws to protect themselves while disregarding our rights as humans to speak up and join together has opened my eyes to the fact that there will be no one to care for us if we don’t care for ourselves and each other.

Habitual wellness is the best solution for hopelessness, because we are more than capable of maintaining our health and educating ourselves without giving our power away to the many parasites  (i.e. poli-tics)

Drink more water, take more naps, call in sick when you feel ill, read more books you enjoy, respect your limitations, inspect your values, open your heart to the good as well as the bad and speak your truth with respect for others’ views.

Things will get better, for now look after you and do what makes you feel happy and in return you will be helping others ten fold. This is a good place to start your own habitual wellness revolution –  Be Well!

(above quote by @myBrandonBoyd of Incubus. Song: Warning)

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