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What Do You Want to Come True? June 29, 2012

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As humans, we are compulsive classifiers.  This in itself is not an inherently negative trait, in fact, in a great many ways classifying helps us to retain and integrate information for future use.  However, if we tend to base classifications on “good” or “bad” then the results can be disastrous.

In school we are told what classes we are adept at and which ones we are not by the grades we receive.  These classifications can stick with us for life, becoming limiting beliefs we assume are true based on past experience. (and sometimes circumstance or inept teachers)  For example, I was not adept at math past the age of 14. But now at the age of 28, I realize that I did not need to retain algebra or finite mathematics, because all I need to survive and thrive is a solid understanding of elementary calculations, percentages, measurement and logic.  For the rest, I can refer to outside sources.

I no longer consider myself “bad” in math, I simply use that knowledge which tells me where I need support to seek out others who are adept with calculations, whilst I go about learning and expanding in arts and intuition, where my skills are concentrated.

I choose to focus upon what it is I am aiming to achieve, and this is what I am becoming … a business tycoon, a responsible intuitive healer, a compassionate counsellor, and a conscious vegan!

Sure, none of these are true …YET.  But everyday I am expanding my capacity to be each and every one of these.  Without wasting time and energy by getting down on myself about not knowing how to run a business or how to consistently be responsible for the well-being of others, or how to turn down delicious cheese …  I am capable of growing to become all of these things, and more!

The I AM statement is one of the most powerful tools we can harness.  Think of Mohammed Ali – was he always the greatest?  No.  But believing that he was made it so.  I’ve read that he would look in the mirror and repeat “I am the greatest” as part of his training.  (I’ll look for this reference…)  I take Mr. Ali as an inspiration of someone who really did become the Greatest, and it was all because he had the audacity to stand up and make it so by focusing his energies on achieving his ideal end result.

This goes for the rest of my life, too.  As I begin to build a business upon my strengths, I find many places where my skills are less than adequate, such as in website building, marketing or networking.  So I am learning to lean on others’ strengths by building relationships which are synergetic for all involved.    (Yes, I will trade massage for financial advice!)

Repeat after me:  I choose to focus upon what it is I am aiming to achieve, and this is what I AM BECOMING  … (Fill in your dreams here)

I AM grateful you are here.  Please feel free to comment or question below.

Be Well!


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