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The Gratitude Challenge! July 3, 2012

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Keeping my sights set on my dreams, single-mindedly, is becoming easier day by day.   Doubts and fears still arise, which suck energy straight from my source.  But I have found that by turning those negative invaders of mind into a matter of gratitude – the weight of the world lifts and I can get back to believing in the best of everything and everyone.

By simply focusing my intention on what it is that I am grateful for helps my worries melt away.  One of the tools I have been using to cultivate these habitual feelings of gratitude is the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge; Where I send cards of appreciation to people who have made my life’s journey more enjoyable and rich.  I realize that if I am grateful more often in my life, my life will be better, and already, it is!

I invite you to open up to the power of Gratitude by habitually acknowledging all those people and things that make your heart sing!

If you, too, could use a serge of gratitude to help change your attitude – I challenge you to 30 days!  I’d be delighted to teach you how to use this tool to cultivate your own Attitude of Gratitude.

Being grateful for having enough of what we need, and sharing it with the rest of the world makes a ripple effect of positive impact on the web of this life we live.

I am grateful you are here.  Be Well!



5 Responses to “The Gratitude Challenge!”

  1. Stranger Says:

    Where do you get those cards?

  2. Great post! For those who were involved in student leadership organizations in high school, this is a great reminder of the power of the ‘warm fuzzy’. I used to teach the ‘art’ of writing thank you notes to students in my classes and treated it like a literary genre. A well-worded note of appreciation can work magic on someone heart and soul!

  3. […] Appreciate all the things that you have that money cannot buy. […]

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