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Lady Aspie, that’s me! July 11, 2015

Filed under: Creation — SarahBeeWell @ 17:56

What a whirl-wind 2015 has been.

Have had my ass kicked round the clock and recently was blindsided with the very real possibility that I have been experiencing life through an Autistic lens.

High-functioning autism, also known as Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) seems to resonate with me and the challenges I’ve faced learning how to “Be Well” in the world.

It was pointed out to my partner by his sister that I really do have more than just a few of the tendencies of the Aspie.

I’m learning about it now.  I’ve got a whole lot of life to review and figuring out to do.

While I do that, I’ll leave you with a book to check out: “Aspergirls”

It’s blowing my mind.

Be Well,



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