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I hate to say it… June 3, 2013

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But my focus has changed, yet again.

My Essentials of Existence have come squarely up against the Status Quo, and I must say,

without a shred of doubt,

It is Essential to my Existence that I Question the Status Quo.

Simplicity, meditation, wellness, personal development are all at the core of my being, and rarely do I feel these part of myself reflected back in the mainstream media or popular culture.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like loud music, I have a hard time being in a room with more than 4 people, I don’t trust the advice of doctors who don’t even know about food, and I really have no space in my reality for people who believe that science is the 100% undeniable truth.  I just don’t believe any of it.

The good thing is that you’re also free to believe what you want, and just know that so long as your beliefs aren’t hurting others, I still love you and respect your beliefs.  Heck, even if your beliefs hurt others, I still freakin’ love you … even though I may not know how to express that, except in this very post.

And while I’m on the subject of my writing,

Please feel free to come join me at my Essentials of Existence facebook page for the journey of fasting and detoxing as an experiment in my own Habitual Self Wellness.

From June 1 – 10, 2013

I am still very much in love with the Esentials of Existence – in fact, my first book is based on almost exactly the same principle as what urged me to begin the Essentials of Existence.  So, you’ll see me again under this umbrella, but for now, the energies that I share will be gathered on the above two facebook pages.

I look forward to sharing more easy self-wellness tips and tricks with you, but right now is the time for me to focus on today … tomorrow will still come.

Keep your eyes peeled for Valentine’s Day, 2014 ~ When the Habitual Self Wellness book will be ready for devouring….

Be Well!

and thanks for being here.SarahBeeWell-EmbodyGood

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Do You Feel Uneasy or Anxious? The Antidote … September 2, 2012

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Only you can decide what that is.  All I’m here to tell you is that if there is something in your life that brings you grief or suffering, if there is something in your life that sucks the life force from you, that it can be remedied.   You have the power to alleviate the stress by simply shedding light on it.  A great place to start is by making a list of all the things that make your life worth living.

If what you are currently building your life around does not point to those things that are on your list, then please, I urge you to reconsider your options.  Keep an open mind and an open heart, because there is another way, even if you can’t see it immediately.  It will take time, effort and sacrifice to restructure the foundation you are building upon, but building your life around the things you love will be a journey of growth and joy.  But first you must decide…

What Makes Your Life Worth Living?

Write down that list, simplify it, and make your heart’s desire a priority.  You won’t regret it.

*side note:  the word sacrifice is derived from ‘to make sacred’ which is quite different from the modern use of the word.  To sacrifice is to decide what is sacred, to the exclusion of all other possibilities.  You only have to give up those things that don’t serve the highest good.  This information helped me on my way, so I share it with you in hopes that you make your life sacred by making sacred what is most important to you.


What Do You Want to Come True? June 29, 2012

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As humans, we are compulsive classifiers.  This in itself is not an inherently negative trait, in fact, in a great many ways classifying helps us to retain and integrate information for future use.  However, if we tend to base classifications on “good” or “bad” then the results can be disastrous.

In school we are told what classes we are adept at and which ones we are not by the grades we receive.  These classifications can stick with us for life, becoming limiting beliefs we assume are true based on past experience. (and sometimes circumstance or inept teachers)  For example, I was not adept at math past the age of 14. But now at the age of 28, I realize that I did not need to retain algebra or finite mathematics, because all I need to survive and thrive is a solid understanding of elementary calculations, percentages, measurement and logic.  For the rest, I can refer to outside sources.

I no longer consider myself “bad” in math, I simply use that knowledge which tells me where I need support to seek out others who are adept with calculations, whilst I go about learning and expanding in arts and intuition, where my skills are concentrated.

I choose to focus upon what it is I am aiming to achieve, and this is what I am becoming … a business tycoon, a responsible intuitive healer, a compassionate counsellor, and a conscious vegan!

Sure, none of these are true …YET.  But everyday I am expanding my capacity to be each and every one of these.  Without wasting time and energy by getting down on myself about not knowing how to run a business or how to consistently be responsible for the well-being of others, or how to turn down delicious cheese …  I am capable of growing to become all of these things, and more!

The I AM statement is one of the most powerful tools we can harness.  Think of Mohammed Ali – was he always the greatest?  No.  But believing that he was made it so.  I’ve read that he would look in the mirror and repeat “I am the greatest” as part of his training.  (I’ll look for this reference…)  I take Mr. Ali as an inspiration of someone who really did become the Greatest, and it was all because he had the audacity to stand up and make it so by focusing his energies on achieving his ideal end result.

This goes for the rest of my life, too.  As I begin to build a business upon my strengths, I find many places where my skills are less than adequate, such as in website building, marketing or networking.  So I am learning to lean on others’ strengths by building relationships which are synergetic for all involved.    (Yes, I will trade massage for financial advice!)

Repeat after me:  I choose to focus upon what it is I am aiming to achieve, and this is what I AM BECOMING  … (Fill in your dreams here)

I AM grateful you are here.  Please feel free to comment or question below.

Be Well!


Tunesday – Revolution by John Butler Trio June 12, 2012

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This song gives me full body shivers and watery eyes every single time.  I hope you enjoy!

`So tell me family now what do you think?

Watch it all go in the great big sink. Watch how the scum it rises to the top. Don’t you wonder when it’s all gonna stop?

Sometimes I wonder how we do sleep, serving the dodgy companies we keep. All kicking and scrounging for the very first place – dictionary definition of a rat race.

Pay off those losers we elect to lead, stealing from the mouths that we’re meant to feed. Enslaving the very clothes upon my back, I feel the sting but I hear no crack, no crack,
I’m saying…

Running through the fire, running through the flame, running through the hatred, pushing through the blame, running through the hopelessness and shame, revolution already underway

Big Heavy Pirates man digging those holes, messing with something that they can’t control. Trespassing lands where they don’t belong, all I hear is screaming where there once were songs.

I got my brothers they’re fighting those wars, fighting over scraps and scraping their sores. Under a blanket of a fire and pride that can’t keep us warm for the cold inside, inside,
I’m saying…

So tell me when you think we’re gonna rise? Wake from this slumber wipe the tears from our eyes? Yes from this nightmare yes I must now wake, open my fist my destiny I take!

Good people sick and tired of being pushed around, we call them kings but I see no crown. Tell me when you think we’ll just stand up? Saying enough is enough is enough, enough,
I’m saying …

 Take back your feet, take back your hands, take back your words, take back your land. Take back your heart, take back your pride, don’t got to run, don’t got to hide.



Giving Away Is the Only Sure Way to Get Anything June 7, 2012

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everything I give will be flawed and insufficient, i must give it anyway!

Giving up is the only sure way to fail at anything.  Giving away is the only sure way to get anything.

We have that voice inside that says we’re not good enough. Listening to that voice is the only thing that holds us back.  That voice is insecurity.

Insecurity is in all of us, and it’s supposed to be there.  Without it we would never know we had to try harder to be a better version of who we already are.  It’s insecurity which makes us re-evaluate who we are and what we stand for.  It’s a challenge that must be constantly overcome.  Insecurity helps us grow through life, which is why ‘they’ say to do one thing every day that scares you.

I put my thoughts and art out there because it scares me, and now I feel ALIVE!

Come praise, come criticism, come doubt or confidence – only by trying can I ever know.

image quote: @chrisguillebeau


Rainy Day Poem ~ Challenge Brings Gain June 2, 2012

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Simplifying 28 Years.


Learn to Love Ourselves Before It’s Made Illegal May 30, 2012

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Warning Lyrics by Incubus

Living in a reality where the higher-ups can change the laws to protect themselves while disregarding our rights as humans to speak up and join together has opened my eyes to the fact that there will be no one to care for us if we don’t care for ourselves and each other.

Habitual wellness is the best solution for hopelessness, because we are more than capable of maintaining our health and educating ourselves without giving our power away to the many parasites  (i.e. poli-tics)

Drink more water, take more naps, call in sick when you feel ill, read more books you enjoy, respect your limitations, inspect your values, open your heart to the good as well as the bad and speak your truth with respect for others’ views.

Things will get better, for now look after you and do what makes you feel happy and in return you will be helping others ten fold. This is a good place to start your own habitual wellness revolution –  Be Well!

(above quote by @myBrandonBoyd of Incubus. Song: Warning)

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