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Do You Have a Pain in the Butt? September 25, 2012

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Tension in the hips is a real bummer, as the hips are literally at the centre of every movement and every position we are in all day long. This short video will give you a simple remedy to release tight hips, without having to leave your chair, using Sustained Stretching.  Feel free to comment below, or ask any questions you may have.  I’m happy to help you in any way that I can on your journey to habitual self wellness!

Be Well.

ps. Sorry for the lighting and the quality – I’m working on my technical skills whilst trying not to feed perfectionism.  I uploaded a new HD version of the video, so check the new link above.  Thanks!


Are You Carrying the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders? September 18, 2012

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It’s already week 5 of the Relaxation Essentials series! I’m having such fun making these videos, and I’m so happy to share what I’ve learned on my own path to Habitual Wellness.  Here’s my second favourite shoulder relaxation technique.  It has helped me a lot with maintaining Wellness, instead of tendonitis in my shoulders.  I look forward to hearing from you – please In Joy!

Be Well.


Do You Have a Pain in the Neck? September 11, 2012

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Here’s is this week’s easy relaxation technique.  Again it is focused on the neck, but today we’re going to approach those tense neck muscles from another angle.  Remember: Breathe,  Hold,  Habitually.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.  I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

Be Well.


Stay Tuned for Tuesday – September 10, 2012

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There’s a new Self Relaxation video on it’s way tomorrow!  We’re going to approach those tense neck muscles from another angle.   But in the mean time, go do something you don’t usually do before this day is done.  Maybe that’s a bubble bath, or brushing up on your juggling skills, watching the sunset with loved ones or taking a few minutes for a quick power nap … whatever it is, a change will do you good. Because if you …

Be Well.


Do you have a sore neck? I can help… September 4, 2012

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Do You Feel Uneasy or Anxious? The Antidote … September 2, 2012

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Only you can decide what that is.  All I’m here to tell you is that if there is something in your life that brings you grief or suffering, if there is something in your life that sucks the life force from you, that it can be remedied.   You have the power to alleviate the stress by simply shedding light on it.  A great place to start is by making a list of all the things that make your life worth living.

If what you are currently building your life around does not point to those things that are on your list, then please, I urge you to reconsider your options.  Keep an open mind and an open heart, because there is another way, even if you can’t see it immediately.  It will take time, effort and sacrifice to restructure the foundation you are building upon, but building your life around the things you love will be a journey of growth and joy.  But first you must decide…

What Makes Your Life Worth Living?

Write down that list, simplify it, and make your heart’s desire a priority.  You won’t regret it.

*side note:  the word sacrifice is derived from ‘to make sacred’ which is quite different from the modern use of the word.  To sacrifice is to decide what is sacred, to the exclusion of all other possibilities.  You only have to give up those things that don’t serve the highest good.  This information helped me on my way, so I share it with you in hopes that you make your life sacred by making sacred what is most important to you.


The Essential Shoulder Relaxation Technique August 29, 2012

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