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Lady Aspie, that’s me! July 11, 2015

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What a whirl-wind 2015 has been.

Have had my ass kicked round the clock and recently was blindsided with the very real possibility that I have been experiencing life through an Autistic lens.

High-functioning autism, also known as Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) seems to resonate with me and the challenges I’ve faced learning how to “Be Well” in the world.

It was pointed out to my partner by his sister that I really do have more than just a few of the tendencies of the Aspie.

I’m learning about it now.  I’ve got a whole lot of life to review and figuring out to do.

While I do that, I’ll leave you with a book to check out: “Aspergirls”

It’s blowing my mind.

Be Well,



Day 62: Females with Asperger’s Syndrome (Non-Official) Checklist July 5, 2015

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And there we have it.
After years of intensely fucked up social anxiety, offending people without meaning to, feeling like I don’t belong to this world and often at war between head and heart … I may be an Aspie!

This is hopeful because the other two options I had for learning to cope with my extreme sensitivities were schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder.

Autism is a super power I can learn with. ❤ S

Everyday Asperger's

Females with Aspergers Non-Official Checklist

By Samantha Craft of Everyday Asperger’s, March 2012

This is a non-official checklist created by an adult female with Asperger’s Syndrome who has a son with Asperger’s Syndrome. Samantha Craft holds a Masters Degree in Education. Samantha Craft does not hold a doctorate in Psychiatry or Psychology. She has a life-credential as a result of being a female with Asperger’s Syndrome and being a parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. She has created this list in an effort to assist mental health professionals in recognizing Asperger’s Syndrome in females.

Suggested Use: Check off all areas that strongly apply to the person. If each area has 75%-80% of the statements checked, or more, then you may want to consider that the female may have Asperger’s Syndrome.

Section A: Deep Thinkers

1. A deep thinker

2. A prolific writer drawn to poetry

3. Highly…

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I hate to say it… June 3, 2013

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But my focus has changed, yet again.

My Essentials of Existence have come squarely up against the Status Quo, and I must say,

without a shred of doubt,

It is Essential to my Existence that I Question the Status Quo.

Simplicity, meditation, wellness, personal development are all at the core of my being, and rarely do I feel these part of myself reflected back in the mainstream media or popular culture.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like loud music, I have a hard time being in a room with more than 4 people, I don’t trust the advice of doctors who don’t even know about food, and I really have no space in my reality for people who believe that science is the 100% undeniable truth.  I just don’t believe any of it.

The good thing is that you’re also free to believe what you want, and just know that so long as your beliefs aren’t hurting others, I still love you and respect your beliefs.  Heck, even if your beliefs hurt others, I still freakin’ love you … even though I may not know how to express that, except in this very post.

And while I’m on the subject of my writing,

Please feel free to come join me at my Essentials of Existence facebook page for the journey of fasting and detoxing as an experiment in my own Habitual Self Wellness.

From June 1 – 10, 2013

I am still very much in love with the Esentials of Existence – in fact, my first book is based on almost exactly the same principle as what urged me to begin the Essentials of Existence.  So, you’ll see me again under this umbrella, but for now, the energies that I share will be gathered on the above two facebook pages.

I look forward to sharing more easy self-wellness tips and tricks with you, but right now is the time for me to focus on today … tomorrow will still come.

Keep your eyes peeled for Valentine’s Day, 2014 ~ When the Habitual Self Wellness book will be ready for devouring….

Be Well!

and thanks for being here.SarahBeeWell-EmbodyGood

Sarah Bee

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Easy Peasy Shoulder Squeezy October 30, 2012

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I realize that we’ve already gone through two previous sustained stretches for the Shoulders, but this here is a unique technique for a self massage that is like no other.  It takes habitual practice, but you can relieve the tension in your shoulders all by yourself, easy peasy  shoulder squeezy…

Be Well.


Essential Middle Back Relaxation Technique October 16, 2012

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It’s that time of week again where I remind You to take a few deep breaths, grab a big glass of water, and give yourself the gift of a few minutes of sustained stretching.

By doing this stretch habitually, for 30 seconds to 2 minutes while taking deep, slow breaths, you are well on your way to Self Relaxation!  Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have.

Be Well.


Easy Low Back Relief! October 11, 2012

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We’re at the point in the Self Relaxation Series where we finally address that tight low back.  It’s a hard place to stretch if there is limited flexibility in any part of the body.  I’ve heard that yoga does wonders for many people’s low backs, but for myself, my body did not respond to the prescribed poses.  I usually ended up in more pain the next day than was tolerable.  Which is why I came up with this easy technique to loosen up the low back!

Please feel free to question or comment on the following YouTube video – I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

Be Well!



Loosen Tight Hips Without Leaving Your Chair! October 2, 2012

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Here is the second video addressing those tight hips with just a minute or two a day!  Try it out even if you have a sore low back or troublesome IT bands.  It’s a hip saver!

For more easy techniques for loosening tight hips, see this article I wrote for MindBodyGreen:


Be Well.


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